Help Me Name a New HiRISE Application

I need your help. I have a new HiRISE application, and it desperately needs a name. There’s no prize for this, although if the name is particularly ridiculous or groan-inducing, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re making me smile every time a team member has to use the app or talk about it.

The application hunts through our database of acquired observations and tracks down accidental stereo pairs. By “accidental stereo pair,” I mean a pair of observations that were not planned as a stereo pair but which happen to make a decent set.

The easiest example to imagine is the case where we’ve done a seasonal repeat monitoring series of a particular location, where we might have two, three, four, or more observations of the same site that were taken at different look angles. Odds are high there’s a good stereo pair in there.

Less easy is the case where we took a couple of observations that happen to overlap significantly. Maybe we were putting together a mosaic, for example. Maybe there’s a nice stereo pair in there, too.

So what kind of name do I want, you’re wondering. The application we use for planning stereo pairs in advance is called HiSEAS: the HiRISE Stereo Effect Analysis Software. I like this name. It’s got a nice, adventurous feel to it that brings to mind exploration and, well, pirates. But it’s also got a horrible homophonous pun in the name related to vision. That’s a good name, but it can’t be the name of this software.

Right now, this new application is called Find_Stereo_Pairs, which is very dull. I want something better, and I want you to help me with it. It does not have to start with “Hi,” nor does it have to be an action phrase (“find stereo pairs”).

You can try commenting below with names, but probably the best way to get me a name is to tweet it at me: @HiCommander. Like I said, there are no prizes beyond the knowledge that a HiRISE team member will probably have to say it at some point. The deadline is Friday morning, January 11, 2013, at 10 AM US Mountain Standard Time (UTC-7:00).

By the way, when I say, “I have a new HiRISE application,” I mean a student programmer, Ashley in this case, wrote a new HiRISE application for me. Nice!


5 Responses to “Help Me Name a New HiRISE Application”

  1. Eric Bar Says:

    Marvin, after the cartoon character. You are hunting for pairs, he always had a weapon at the ready.

  2. Lori Fenton Says:

    HiSPI – HiRISE Stereo Pair Inspector

  3. un passant Says:

    serendipity, MarsUpilami, HiThere,

  4. Circe Verba Says:

    Good job Ashley!

    I like HiSEAS! Typically I’ve seen a lot of Greek mythology used for Mars/HiRISE projects.

    Hi-ARESS (Like ARES): Advanced Research in Explorative Stereo Software

    Hi-STEREO: Software of Topographical Explorative Research in Extraterrestrial Observations

    Hi-SPRITE Stereo PRojection Interface TEchnology or Stereo PRojection Interface Telemetry

    HADES: High-resolution analysis of Data Exploration in Stereo

  5. Andrew Says:

    I do not have a Twitter, so that option is out. But nonetheless, this sounds rather serendipitous.

    “HiSAP” for HiRISE Serendipitous Accidental Pairs.
    “HiSOAR” for HiRISE Serendipitous Observations Accidentally Recorded

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