Thank you, thank you, thank you. I got quite a few great suggestions for a name for the new HiRISE stereo pair application I mentioned previously. Here they are:

Through Twitter:

  • Pairendipity
  • Opportune Viable Extraneous Results Lending to Awesome Parallax: OVERLAP
  • Over Observed Possible Stereoscopic: OOPS
  • Super Mega Ultra Hyper Stereo Seeker
  • Cyclic Redundant Observations Search for Stereo-Effect-Yielding Extra Data: CROSSEYED
  • Twin Hunter
  • RENA
  • HiDyad
  • Coke Bottle Glasses
  • Coincidental Binary Groupings
  • Cypress Hill

Through comments:

  • HiRISE Serendipitous Accidental Pairs (HiSAP)
  • HiRISE Serendipitous Observations Accidentally Recorded (HiSOAR)
  • HiRISE Advanced Research in Explorative Stereo Software (HiARESS)
  • HiRISE Software of Topographical Explorative Research in Extraterrestrial Observations (HiSTEREO)
  • HiRISE Stereo PRojection Interface TEchnology/TElemetry (HiSPRITE)
  • High-resolution Analysis of Data Exploration in Stereo (HADES)
  • Serendipity
  • MarsUpilami
  • HiThere
  • HiRISE Stereo Pair Inspector (HiSPI)
  • Marvin

Of all of these, my favorite is Pairendipity, suggested by @avdflight through Twitter. It was also the very first suggestion I got, and I immediately fell in love with it. It captures the accidental stereo nature of the software quite marvelously.

I predict one or two team members will groan, but I think the whole rest of the team will be as delighted as I am. Thanks a bunch everyone, and thanks especially to @avdflight!


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