Image Test

I’d previously decided I was going to continue my tests of various blogging clients by experimenting with how they handle images. Now I’ve decided to heck with it. I’ve worked out what looks like a reasonable system here, namely the use of the online WordPress tool combined with a dedicated writing tool (Journler, in this case), so I don’t really care anymore about how these other apps work.

A red/blue anaglyph of a globe

A red/blue anaglyph of a globe

Still, I’m curious to see how easy it is to post and work with images in this online tool. So here’s a picture of a globe, at least I hope it is. It’s a pretty cool globe I bought my niece for Christmas. I didn’t know it, but it turns out she wanted one! How cool is that? It’s a pretty neat globe, too, showing the ocean floors—that was my main criterion for picking it out.

I put this anaglyph together as an experiment in making one’s own anaglyphs (like the HiRISE ones we recently released). It turned out pretty dang nice. I was hoping to get my niece interested in it, and she was, to a point. We took a couple of stereo pairs, but then she lost interest. It’s not that she’s got a short attention span, though; it’s that the whole family basically competes constantly for her attention. Lordy.

Anyway, looks like the image upload and insertion mechanism for WordPress works pretty well. Hooray.